cars film review Tuesday, Jun 5 2007 

i am reviewing cars, its about a nascar who draws in first place with two other car named Chick hicks and king. he has to race them all over again on a completly diffrent race course. lightning mcqueen ( the nascar) who gets lost out in the middle of a little town on route 66 named radiator springs because mac his pickup truck lost him while a sleep driving. Lightning Mcqueen ( the nascar) drives around looking for mac and cant find him. lightning mcqueen ends up on the road while getting chased by a cop car he hasnt had a service and lightning mcqueen thinks the cop car is shooting at him but hes just back firing so of course Lightning Mcqueen trys to get away and trashes the whole town and gets stuck in barbwire and know sherief puts Lightning Mcqueen in jail. Lightning Mcqueen has to clean up the town and fix the riped up road with i cement fixer named bessy. the directors purpose is to entertain because there is no education in a nascar trashing towns. this genre is family movie only because it is for all ages. this movie is a funny kids movie its hard to tell if its funy or jokes for kids. this film was released in 2006 and the the action takes place in the modern days. the action took place in route 66 and calafornia depending where about in the movie because it is set in three diffrent places. owen wilson and eminem. the main characters are owen wilson  


HEROE’S DOCUMENT Friday, Apr 27 2007 

outburst speed Hi my name is Shane and i’m 17. lately i’ve been having weird outbursts of speed and sometimes i can’t even remember how i got there freaky hu heres what i can remember.THE BOY WITH OUTBURSTS OF SPEED CRAZYNUT CASE 

“Zoom” as i go flying at the speed of light theres sweet dripping from my face as if it was like you were in a sawner  boorrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm!!! a train goes past “shane says” oh sh*t i get that much of a fright i trip over a massive log i start to fall and i land  face first in the mud, but still that does’nt stop me from keeping on going as get back on my feet,  i wipe the mud from my face. AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHH!!! I vagly hear a scream from my ear i look around and i cant see anyone then all a sudden something wierd happens I’m having one of those outbursts of speed BANG!!! as i run akwardly into tree and my arm goes behind my back and i land akwaredly on my hand SNAP my wrist bone snaps into two there’s blood gushing and squirting out of wrist as the bone rips through the flesh and is sticking out a fair bit i scream in pain and agouny,  then all a sudden i start sweeting i can feel my body starting to colapse i freak out i dont no what to do i’m to worried about what is happening then all a sudden i pass out but something really wierd happend i could still hear the birds chirping away, but i could also vagly still here that scream it’s getting closer and closer and closer then all a sudden i “WAKE UP” there was the person screaming ” IN PAIN ” right in front of me BANG!!! an air rifle shot goes off  it went straight through the middle of her eye there was her eye all over me i take a deep breath she’s right there nealing dead with white gooey stuff pooring out of her eye. BBBBBLLLLUUUUUURRRPPP!!!. i chuck all over myself, i’am feeling dizzy and weak. BANG i fall to the ground as well as the dead body. i’am lying on the ground i fell like i’am parylyzed i move my eye’s around and see a guy with the rifle. there’s  blood and white creamy goo dripping off my face and runny vegiemite in my underwear. the man slowly lifts the gun up i’m sitting there staring at him i cant move i try to move then all a sudden, i’m running i’m having a speed outburst again next thing i know im at the WHACK i’m hit in the head with a golf club as the club hit’s my head a big black egg appears on my head, i fall to the ground in pain. i screamed my lungs out but nobody could here me even the people in front of me could not here me I panic i dont know what i’am that panicy that i cant even breath BANG i run into a train blood goes flying every were my body is squished on the train track’s.what all of a sudden i wake i’am in some sort of jacket that’s tied really hard around me it’s white OH NO WHAT AM I DOING HERE I’M NOT CRAZY I “SCREAM AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS” i start to laugh wierdly like a crazy professor I’AM NOT CRAZY I REPEAT OVER AND OVER AGAIN HA HA!!!!!!!!  

TO BE CONTINUED !!!!!!!       

if i was a hero Wednesday, Mar 7 2007 

1)      The power I would have would to be faster than a speeding train.2)      So I can be a really good runner and get to everything allot quicker and be the fastest football player there ever was and also the best athlete there ever was and win all the Olympic running medals.3)      The positive thing of having super running powers is if you’re a cop you can catch the person allot quicker the negative thing to that is you could run to fast and your shoes catch on fire and you could run way past that person. another positive thing to have super running speed is you can give your country allot more reputation and win all the Olympic medals the negative thing to that is the other country’s could be jealous of your super running power and bag your country then no one would show up to the Olympics.

the subtle knife Wednesday, Feb 7 2007 

Describe one of the characters from the book you are reading. 

A boy named will, at just the age of twelve has killed man and now he’s out alone with no where to go and he’s trying find out the truth of the disappearance. 

He has just stepped into another world and he finds himself with a new companion that he doesn’t even now a little girl called Lyra.  


Write a horror scope for one of your characters. 

I reckon his companion in this new world that he found will be some how be connected to the death Of his father and when he finds out that his companion killed his father .the companion will lead him into a trap where there will be more of this companion tribe, and he will have to find his way out of this place and the tribe will hunt him down through were ever he is going and will have to find the nearest town to were he is  


But I reckon that this town will be run by the tribe and he won’t know it and they will knock him out from behind with a shovel

my 2007 goals Friday, Feb 2 2007 

concentrate more in class.

less talking in class.

do all my work

go to school every day

read every night.

last years english Friday, Feb 2 2007 

i did well on the projects and some of the reading.

i could of paid more attention in class in stead of talking.

the projects i done well.

the homework.

holliday blog Sunday, Nov 12 2006 

on my holliday i went to the melbourne show with matt and luke.i got the simpsons show bag, the warheads show bag and the garfiled show bag.  after that we wathced the monster trucks and the moter bikes it was a great day

how much collingwood suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monday, Jul 31 2006 

bad old collingwood for ever they dont now how to play the game side by side they lose together and dicrase the magpies name.collingwood suck so much that the got beaten by essendon. and the lost by 41 points against western bulldogs in the finals and they suck even more cause they have nathan buckley and brodie holland possed for certain pictuers im not allowed to talk about

my favourite movie is familyguy Monday, Jul 31 2006 

the reason family guy is my favourite movie is that its really funny and its about a family with three kids and a dad and a mum the babies name is stewie hes the funniest and the smartest the familys name is griffin peter is the dumb one my favourite episode hes to sexy for his fat

hello world Monday, Jul 31 2006 

hi world my name is shane my hobbies are football and playing the xbox my favourite football team is the mighty fighting hawks the best . my favourite subject is maths and sport.

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